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July 4, 2012 / redman59

Standing Up to Tyrants

As I write this it is our Independence Day and please don’t forget what our Forefathers have done to stand up to the tyrants at the time.  This is a time when men were men and they said the modern day “F*ck You”!” to those that wanted to govern & tax lands that were foreign.  Being of Irish decent yes I do have quarrels with those of said land of the past and I honor those of my Irish tradition and on a day like today when our Forefathers claimed their independence; I have nothing but deep respect.  These were men that stood up for what is right and proved it on the battlefield.  That being said, I have also made friends with the English in modern warfare and that we worked with some awesome British soldiers in foreign lands.  These were men that did not believe what their ancestors did were right, but reciprocated their actions with the up-most respective military action.  So please take a minute or many to honor those back in the day that stood up to the tyrants of the past and fought for what is right…soldiers & politicians (before money reigned supreme).

Also, I did not monitor market much at all do to other appointments but still remain with the following going into today:

Cash – 95.3%
Long – 4.7% (PPO 4.7%)
Short – 0.0%

From the Dropkick Murphys about Irish struggle but believe applies to our Forefathers:

“When abusive tyrants force the hands of matters great or small, it inpires men to stand up for their rights.”
-Dropkick Murphys; Heroes Of Our Past

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