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July 21, 2012 / redman59

Aerospace/Defense Has Stocks Near Highs of the Day

In down market like we are seeing today, one of my favorite scans to use is stocks trading near their high of the day. As the market was near the lows I ran the scan and several stocks within the same industry popped up on the list that outnumbered other industries. The industry is Aerospace/Defense and the stocks are listed below sorted by volume buzz, which measures trading activity for that given stock comparing to its usual activity.









Below is a 3 month snapshot of the charts from from FinViz. This is to give you an idea of their structure but I personally would upload these into your platform to get a better view of the overall technicals as longer term support/resistance levels come into play. My preference here for stocks in general are those that are near the bottom of their range and not so much at the top end of their range. Only reason being that if we do see more downside, I believe those stocks near the top of their range have a higher probability of getting hit harder.


*All of this data was at the time of writing and is subject to change throughout the day…. and make me look very wrong.

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