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July 21, 2012 / redman59

BOLO…Is This A Marketing Technique to Get Your Money?

One thing that I hate about the the whole trading and investing world is the marketing gimmicks. Now there are many trading services, newsletters, etc. that are credible and do send out emails. But like the penny stock newsletters you receive in the mail,I have found that some services are more for the volume and not the quantity.

In this post I wanted to raise a warning one can look for or maybe you have your own story and would like to share. Like the image to the right, if you think you can purchase a newsletter and start trading with $1000 and quit your job, the odds are highly against you and in fact it would be better to put that money to charity and at least feel a little good about it.

As stated in a previous post titled “An Interesting Trade Indicator & Learn To Think For Yourself” I stated that I have a Hotmail account setup for those “enter your email here” type sites that often share 3rd party information. I have this account mainly for trading spam as I like to filter through it and use it as a contrarian indicator or an indicator on when sentiment is getting a little giddy.

With this account, one concern that I have seen through the years and really I have no idea on why it is used in its format is the word FREE. Now I don’t mean just the word but like the format as shown below.

Looking at many email subject lines like this where the word FREE is formatted with periods such as in this one where the period separates the “f” and the “r” I often wonder what is the purpose. I have also seen where a period separates the “f” “r” “e” “e” that reads as “f.r.e.e” in the subject line.

So my question is, why do these promoters do this as I have no clue. Wouldn’t just spelling “free” with no periods be just as well. I just see it as a marketing gimmick or spam filter bypass. From some of the senders and doing research on those services I have concluded this is a marketing technique.

This type of technique just pisses me off as this business is hard enough the way it is and lures people with hope and often times blown accounts. With that being said, I have no hard feelings against services as I subscribe to 3 of them (stock screening, market timing, day/swing trading) to make my life easier ; none have used email to get my business. But finding these services without spending money on the duds would be a lie. Its a matter of sifting through the crap to get to the goods and unfortunately that requires some loot.

If you have the answer to this or some horror story please post it as I like to get rid of those leeches that are merely profitable off the service revenue and nothing else. I plan on posting another technique in the future that upsets me as well and kind of lets me down as it comes from highly reputable traders/services.

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