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July 22, 2012 / redman59

Out of Here…

..through next week that is. I believe this comes at a good time too as we have seen recent selling and false breakouts to absolute frustration among traders. This vacation will allow me to reset and come into the market with a fresh mind I am anxious to allocate long dollars but I have to keep reminding myself to be patient as the whip is in full force. I wrote a post last night on My Game Plan Going Forward which stated that I am not ready to get aggressively long given the great day we had yesterday. Today’s market action solidified my thoughts and patience was rewarded.

Living in PA, I am making the trek down to the mountains of NC about 1.5hrs southwest of Asheville. Any craft beer loving trader knows about Asheville. I personally love this area as it offers great country mountains and seclusion is easy to find surrounded by animal sounds and charcoal smell…peaceful. I hope to retire to move to this are one day or to Alaska or back to the sticks where I came from in MN.

Either way I will be enjoying fine country Earth with views of waterfalls and mountains. If you love day long hikes and are in the Asheville area I would suggest Panthertown Valley as this is the main area I like to go. There is much to offer from scenic mountains & waterfalls to rock climbing and fishing.

Above is a nice view near an entrance not much into the trail I usually start at. Below is a picture of one of my favorite waterfalls there named Greenland Creek Falls.

Another great part is that there is the element of surprise. There is a reason they call it Panthertown, as they are present as well as bear and other wild game in the area. While I haven’t seen one yet I always go prepared and ready for that ultimate adrenaline rush of attack. It isn’t too often I see other hikers and this is just what wild game like. The picture below is the K-Bar I carry that was a gift from my fellow Marines when I completed my service and I like to think this puts me in that warrior spirit and fight for your life mindset….even though an attack from a bear or panther would probably end in death, but can’t go down without a fight.

Have a good weekend, good luck to all next week, and trade this whip of a market with a plan.

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