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July 22, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album of Choice

While keeping mostly to the punk rock genre for the weekly album choice, this weeks album offers something a little different. While I am not in tune to modern or newer country artists, one that can be heard in my garage throughout the week and weekend is Hank Williams III. Hank III comes from the famous Hank Williams line of Senior and Junior and was exposed to music early in his life due to his grandfather and fathers country music popularity.

Hank III broke out of the family country music theme and took on diverse roles within the punk rock and metal community. In my opinion I do not believe that he gets enough credit for his musical ability and talent. He is probably one of the more diverse musicians that I can think of. He also has another self-titled album out under the band name of Assjack. This is a different side of Hank III and he incorporates other band mates with a hardcore metal/punk sound. While many are not fans of this side, from the point of view of a metal and punk fan I like the album. I just find that many of his country fans do not like this sounds thus referencing it to him. I personally believe it adds to Hanks musical diversity and if you attend a live show you will find that both styles are played.

However, the country-style of Hank III is what I enjoy the most. It reminds me of the classic country musicians. One of my favorite albums is Straight to Hell. There is some faster paced country with Hank on the guitar and that define “twang” he has in his voice to slower paced country songs where the “deeper” voice comes in. Overall just a great country album.

You can catch Hank III in the movie The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia playing the guitar while Jesco White dances. He is also shortly interviewed in the film as he is a friend to the White family. I bring this up because the song D. Ray White is on this weekends album and is about the story of D. Ray White and his family.

Hank III now has his own music label Hank3 and is known under that name. While like many other musicians, he has been through the dirty business side of music labels and even nicely exploits some of it in the song Dick In Dixie. Hank is a man that is not afraid to express his opinion in his music.

1. Satan is Real / Straight to Hell (Medley) 0:00
2. Thrown Out of the Bar 3:08
3. Things You Do to Me 5:16
4. Country Heroes 7:38
5. D. Ray White 11:08
6. Low Down 14:55
7. Pills I Took 18:20
8. Smoke & Wine 20:51
9. My Drinkin’ Problem 23:27
10. Crazed Country Rebel 26:10
11. Dick in Dixie 29:19
12. Not Everybody Likes Us 31:56
13. Angel of Sin 36:27

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