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July 22, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album of Choice

On weekends it’s time for traders to unwind a bit. One thing I look forward to on Saturday nights is @chessNwine’s Saturday night at the cinema picks. It’s just another side of the trader and movies he enjoys and I like to find these via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc and watch the one’s I haven’t seen when the time allows.

With this, I thought a weekly music album posted would be interesting. Looking at Rhino’s post titled “YOUR INPUT NEEDED“, it looked as if others were interested in more than just trading, and I agree. Like I said the weekends are a good time to unwind & read blogs.

I like all kinds of music but my go-to is punk rock. Started listening to it when I was younger and was highly influenced by Bad Religion. So on weekends, when I remember I’ll post a album that I like, any genre. As a homebrewer, I would love to do a beer review but Rhino has that and is doing a good job. SO here is some music.

The first album is from Offspring and while I lost track of their newer stuff, after Americana, their older music is played often in my gym. One that I especially play most of the tracks is Ignition. This is just an overall great album. The whole album can be found below.

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