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August 13, 2012 / redman59

Blocked…Don’t Be That Social Trader

Back on May 1, 2009 I created my Twitter account as I could see how beneficial it could be to follow traders that share information.  I believe Twitter has to be one of the greatest developments to ever sweep the social media and trading space.  Trading can be a lonely endeavor when in your room with just a monitor(s) but it feels like you are part of a network where some of the smartest traders are sharing information for free.

Through they years I am seeing a trend that is becoming annoying.  Friends of mine know that I hate two kinds of people: child molesters/rapists and thieves (not so much retail but the ones that steal other people’s items).  A third person is coming along in my book and that is the social troll as some might call them.

These are the people that really have nothing better to do than go to other people’s blogs and leave comments that only bash the article or they respond to people’s Twitter posts with nothing but stupidity and no material for a valid argument or point of view.  I really don’t understand these people other than they have nothing better to do besides bash others or try to entice a “Twitter fight”.  Luckily most of the traders that I follow that come across these people block them or ignore them.

I suggest something for those that follow popular traders that also run trading services.  Click on that traders tweet timeline to where you can see all messages they respond to.  It amazes me how some of these traders can keep up with running a trading room and responding to people on Twitter because guess what….THEY DON’T HAVE TO!  These traders receive nothing from Twitter conversations (monetarily speaking) but do from their trading rooms and their time could be more suited to their subscribers.

The people/subscribers in those rooms are there because they want to trade and learn, not BS around or leave immaterial responses. Those running services/rooms share on Twitter because they more than likely are passionate about the market and like talking about the market and helping others.  I truly believe that this is on occupation where if you have no passion but just show up to trade, you will not survive.

I started a blog page and interact on Twitter because I like talking about the market.  I could honestly say that I learn something new from education to observation everyday while reading other’s blog posts or other’s posts on Twitter.  I write posts because I know I make mistakes and if one reader can pick up a mistake I made and offer a suggestion, then I just received constructive advice that I can implement in the future.  Also if I have one reader tell me they learned something then that is worth the 20 minutes or 5 hours I may put into a post.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t let another trader know that their information is wrong or tell them you disagree.  No, but there is a way about it.  Be respectful, if you have different information provide a source and be constructive with it.  If you disagree with a trade one took, remember not all traders trade the same.  If their system has been working for them, then let it work.  That trade they took may be a small loss but if that setup presents itself again then they may hit 3 winning trades in a row.  Everyone trades different, just be respectful and remember someone must lose to win and I guarantee you are not winning all the time (I know I’m not anyway).

In conclusion: Don’t be that guy or girl, just move on or get out-of-the-way as you’re ruining an opportunity for others to learn.  Also to those that run services/rooms and interact on Twitter, I commend your dedication, thoughts, and opinions.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Mr. Pink at 1:22 mark:

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