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August 17, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album of Choice

This weekend brings back the punk rock genre and comes from a band that is well-known in the punk rock community.  While I have already featured some members their former band, this is the band that launched them to success.  Rancid comes from the California punk rock scene and formed in 1991 after Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman disbanded from their former band Operation Ivy and other bands in between.  Rancid released one album and then picked up the awesome guitarist Lars Frederikson and the rest is history.

While this weekend does not bring my favorite album of theirs (sure to be featured in a later date), I believe that their 1995 release …And Out Come the Wolves is the album that put them on the forefront and made them heard.  It was this album in where they also brought in some of their ska and reggae roots to compliment the tempo of punk rock music.  The album peaked at number 45 on the Billboard 200 album chart and five months later was certified gold.  Also, several songs on the album were made in to MTV music videos (when MTV played music videos).  Major accomplishments especially for a punk rock band.

In my opinion this album to date is their best collaboration of music genres from punk to ska to reggae.  Rancid did a great job of incorporating these styles and Tim brings a voice as unheard in previous albums.  …And Out Come the Wolves is a top album in my opinion for entertaining the listener throughout.  Immediately the album brings the genre mix in its first songs on the album.  It starts with the punk rock style of Maxwell Murder and then the third and popular song Root Radicals brings a more ska style followed by the fourth song Time Bomb which brings in the reggae.  In my opinion this is a historical album for Rancid as they show their ability to mix these styles that is second to none.   Songs featured on MTV include: Roots Radicals, Time Bomb, and Ruby Soho.  If I had to pick 5 (besides those popular) they would be, in album order: Olympia WA, Junkie Man, Daly City Train, Disorder and Disarray, You Don’t Care Nothin’.

1. “Maxwell Murder” 00:00
2. “The 11th Hour” 01:25
3. “Roots Radicals” 03:53
4. “Time Bomb” 06:40
5. “Olympia Wa.” 09:04
6. “Lock, Step & Gone” 12:33
7. “Junkie Man” 15:00
8. “Listed M.I.A.” 18:05
9. “Ruby Soho” 20:27
10. “Daly City Train” 23:04
11. “Journey to the End of the East Bay” 26:26
12. “She’s Automatic” 29:38
13. “Old Friend” 31:12
14. “Disorder and Disarray” 34:06
15. “The Wars End” 36:55
16. “You Don’t Care Nothin'” 38:58
17. “As Wicked” 41:17
18. “Avenues & Alleyways” 43:57
19. “The Way I Feel” 47:09

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