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August 24, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album of Choice

This weekend brings another popular band, last being Guns N’ Roses.  I will not go into the history as this band is obviously well-known and probably one of the most popular metal bands of all-time.  Metallica is a band that I started listening to before turning 10 years old.  It paid to have a brother 5 years older than me as he was someone I wanted to emulate and of course I listened to what he did.

I remember when he got Metallica’s Master of Puppets tape and brought it home and put it in the boombox.  What stood out to me was the crosses on the front of the tape cover and it reminded me of the cemetery area in the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda.  Master of Puppets was released in 1986 and was their third official studio release following Kill’em All and Ride the Lightning.  It was also the last album that bassist Cliff Burton would play on a bus accident resulted in his death.  To this day his bass solos on Kill’em All remain some of my favorite along with his solo on Orion (a track on Master of Puppets).

Master of Puppets is by far my favorite album from Metallica.  It is just a complete album from heavy metal that makes you want to go punch people who piss you off (Leper Messiah, Disposable Heroes, Damage Inc); to slower tracks (The Thing That Should Not Be, Welcome Home (Sanitarium)) that you can sit back and listen to; to the instrumental Orion that makes you appreciate the sound that a musician can bring out of an instrument.  For these reasons I rate Master of Puppets easily as one of the best metal albums of all-time.

1.Battery (0:00-5:12)
2.Master Of Puppets (5:13-13:49)
3.The Thing That Should Not Be (13:50-20:27)
4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (20:28-26:55)
5.Disposable Heroes (26:56-35:13)
6.Leper Messiah (35:14-40:54)
7.Orion (instrumental) (40:55-49:23)
8.Damage Inc. (49:24-54:54)

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