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September 1, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album of Choice

This weeks band goes back to the early 90’s when they were more unknown.  Before Dookie and American Idiot and other popular newer releases Green Day came out with Kerplunk.  Green Day formed in 1987 and came from the popular California punk rock scene.  The lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is actually the younger brother of famed punk rock singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong of Rancid.  When Green Day formed, they were actually inspired by Operation Ivy (previously profiled) who older brother Tim was a member of. 

Kerplunk was released in 1992 and was Green Day’s 2nd album release under Lookout! Records, who also previously had Operation Ivy under their label.  In my opinion it still remains my favorite release by them as they have a good mix in this album of a faster punk rock tempo and have tracks that slow down the tempo.  It is these tracks (Christie Road, No One Knows) that are actually my favorite on the album.  Green Day released Dookie after this album and it was Dookie that launched their career and fame with repetitive video appearances on MTV.  Green Day is also well-known for the famous mud fight at Woodstock ’94 (video below) in where they played as well threw back the mud….great stuff!

Some of my favorite songs on the album include:

  • One For The Razorbacks
  • One of My Lies
  • Christie Road (slower track)
  • Android
  • No One Knows (slower track)

01. 2000 Light Years Away 0:00
02. One For The Razorbacks 2:24
03. Welcome To Paradise 4:54
04. Christie Road 8:25
05. Private Ale 11:58
06. Dominated Love Slave 14:24
07. One Of My Lies 16:06
08. 80 18:26
09. Android 22:05
10. No One Knows 25:06
11. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? 28:46
12. Words I Might Have Ate 31:30
13. Sweet Children 34:02
14. Best Thing In Town 35:44
15. Strangeland 37:47
16. My Generation 39:55

And here is the Woodstock ’94 Mud Fight:

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