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September 15, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album of Choice

This weekend brings yet another band that emerged from the early punk rock scene of California.  I know I am getting repititous with the opening line.  Well all I can say is that I listened to a lot of punk rock growing up and continue to this day.  Also many of the bands emerged from the West Coast, specifically California scene.  The band NOFX formed in 1983.  They underwent changes through the years but then emerged with consistency with their first debut album Liberal Animation which was released in 1998.

While I am a big fan of their 1990’s releases, it was hard to choose which of their albums I was going to choose.  In the end I decided to go with their 4th studio release White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean, released in 1992.  This album brought in El Hefe, who played guitar and brought in the mix sound of the trumpet and trombone into some tracks.  This addition also brought in a jazz sound to NOFX to which added to their punk rock sound and mixed in with success.

NOFX remains a favorite band of mine that I have enjoyed listening to through the years.  Their comical personality can be found in the lyrics and they keep bringing it to this day.  As mentioned in a previous post I attended the 1998 Warped Tour in Somerset, WI and one of the coolest stages featured what was called “Punk Rock Karoake”.  This is a time that I will never forget and shows how awesome these band members can be.  Fans had the chance to go sign up, pick a song they wanted to sing, and then go on stage.  Funny part was that there were not many people who signed up, nerves I guess.  Anyway I did and will remember it to this day.  I can’t remember who the drummer was but the two guitarists were Greg Hetson of Bad Religion (who is a guitar idol of the band I admired) and Eric Melvin of NOFX.  These guys were awesome down-to-earth guys and they played the guitar beside me while I was on-stage singing Judy Is A Punk by the Ramones.  Something I will never forget as it was like a little wish come true; too bad YouTube video upload was not available like it is today.

Sticking to 5 tracks here are some that I like to listen to, in order on the album:

  • Bob
  • Liza and Louise
  • The Bag
  • Warm
  • She’s Gone (top track in my opnion)

01. soul doubt 00:00
02. stickin in my eye 02:45
03. bob 05:09
04. you’re bleeding 07:11
05. straight edge 09:23
06. liza and louise 11:34
07. the bag 13:56
08. please play this song on the radio 16:42
09. warm 18:58
10. i wanna be your baby 22:30
11. johnny appleseed 25:26
12. she’s gone 28:03
13. buggley eyes 31:00

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