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September 23, 2012 / redman59

Weekend Album Of Choice – System of a Down

I write this weekend review as going in to I had not an album to write about and was left in that searching stage.  Well luckily for me I a was in my garage working out and I have my music library on my phone.  In that library of over 500 songs I have one album with all songs.  When in the military I remember we would play this album and it would pretty much fulfill the workout.

So what is the album?  It is Toxicity by System Of A Down.  System Of A Down formed in 1994 in Southern California.  Toxicity is their second release is an album that launched them to the front of their music career and rightfully so as this album produces song after song.  I personally had the pleasure of seeing System Of A Down at Ozzfest in Somerset, WI when OzzFest merged with Warped Tour.  I previously talked about this experience here.  While I did not follow on listening to much of their music, this album remains a sentimental favorite.  It reflects my time in the military with fellow Marines bringing it in the gym and I continue to listen to it this day in the gym (or my garage nowadays where the music blasts).  Either way it is an awesome hard rock album that delivers song after song.  Also if you are looking for that hard rock album to work out to…this is at the top of the list.

1. Prison Song 0:00
2. Needles 3:21
3. Deer Dance 6:35
4. Jet Pilot 9:30
5. × 11:37
6. Chop Suey! 13:35
7. Bounce 17:06
8. Forest 19:00
9. ATWA 23:00
10. Science 25:56
11. Shimmy 28:39
12. Toxicity 30:30
13. Psycho 34:10
14. Aerials 37:56

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