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October 9, 2012 / redman59

Last Night’s Charts of Some Smaller Names

Last night I ran a screen with the goal of finding some small/micro-cap stocks that do not receive a lot of attention.  In addition to a low market cap I was also looking for low-priced stocks that were displaying fundamental and technical strength.  I charted six stocks and they can be found below in alphabetical order with the message I included with them on the stream and below the chart is fundamental data provided free courtesy of FINVIZ:

1) CAP (CAI International Co.) – small-cap rental-leasing name, good fundies, saw b/o after multi-attempts on 74% >avg volume

2) COBZ (CoBiz Financial Inc.) – regional bank, like it >7.20, long-term shows in large bottoming base

3) FVE (Five Star Quality Care Inc.) – weekly chart, coming into resistance, like pullback to 5, some in industry recently upgraded

4) KONA (Kona Grill Inc.) – micro-cap restaurant, momentum picking up, like a b/o >9.25 w/volume

5) MASC (Material Sciences Corp.) – weekly chart, haven’t heard of this micro-cap, like the fundies & chart pattern w/long base

6) ZIXI (Zix Corporation) – weekly chart, micro-cap, like it >2.50 & above 3.00 looks good for 10% run, 21.5 short ratio

To see their continued performance click on this link to the FINVIZ site to where you can see their chart and also sort by other technical and fundamental data.

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