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December 13, 2012 / redman59

It’s Not the Size of the Tool That Matters

The first thing I look at when doing end-of-day homework is industry breadth.  I do this through The PPT, a premium content engine for those unfamiliar.  I then sort the industries via breadth from the top down to see what industries are popping to the top.  After the market closed I stuck to this routine and one industry that stood out was Small Tools & Accessories.  It ranked 8th of 196 industries with 75% breadth, meaning 75% of the stocks with the industry had a positive change from yesterday.

Also what sticks out and what the PPT also measures is technical score, fundamental score, and hybrid score (combination of tech & fund).  These are all sort-able.  Small Tools & Accessories ranks  3rd technically, 14th fundamentally, and 2nd via the hybrid score.  Needless to say it is a top performing industry and was also strong yesterday.  When looking at stocks within the industry, there are only four.  This a small group but still strong nonetheless and includes the following stocks (linked to FINVIZ):

Below are two of my favorite charts that include SNA and SSD.  At this point I would rather be a buyer on weakness than strength.



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