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January 7, 2013 / redman59

Market Hours Charting – 01/07/2012

I am using this to kind of create a quick reference archive for myself and maybe any followers.  I am not always around during the day, hence my posts within time blocks during market hours.  So I decided to create a category of stocks/charts I find during the market hours and those I find after market hours which can all be found in my Twitter timeline as well.  Like I said this is more of a reference for but hope it may help others as well.

For these charts that I find during market hours they happen throughout the day so those I post first below happened first during the day (I will post in chronological order) and the action thereafter may look different.  I will post the chart (usually with FinViz link in the ticker) and the notes I made on Twitter along with it.  Also remember your time frame as these will alternate.

Today during market hours consisted of four charts:

1) SYK – 52wk hi & cup w/handle b/o sticking, Jan 57.5 calls trade; prev industry notes by @OptionsHawk @hertcapital


2) SWKS – like the pattern here, Feb 22 calls active this AM, note CES going on this week


3) VMW – like it here at high volume node coming into 50sma, ITM Feb 90 calls bot 30min ago


4) ANN – nearing trendline break, Jan 34 calls active w biggest block on ask, volume 33% >50day avg


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