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February 10, 2013 / redman59

Updated – Look At This New Chart Sharing Site

Back on December 30th I wanted to highlight a chart sharing service with the name of Chartpin.  I went on to state how I could not find much information about this new site but I liked what it was doing.  Below you can view the original post.  Well it has been confirmed by @The_Real_Fly in his blog post that it is the workings of none other than @RaginCajun.  Yes I feel stupid as this was the trader I mentioned in my original blog post.  When I wrote that post I had no idea who was behind it as you can read that I did research and came up with nothing.  I also wrote about why I like the new chart sharing site of Chartpin and why it is especially useful for us traders that may be on the road and rely on mobile for trading and reading about what is going on in the markets.

Anyways I wanted to share the origins of Chartpin and my original post as at the time of writing I knew of the site but not of the origins and where to give credit.  Also I wanted to write this as I share my blog post to iBankCoin Blogger Network and just wanted readers to know I did not know that iBC blogger @RaginCajun was the creator of Chartpin and I wasn’t try to pump any traffic but was just trying to find information.  Either way I like Chartpin for reasons stated in my original post and I plan on continuing to use it.

Below you can find my original post:

When I was first introduced to trading in mid-2007 I fell in love with technical analysis.  While this may not be the method of many successful investors, I was immediately attracted to it as it made sense to me.  It showed where the price was at the time and that is all that mattered.  Then when indicators could be applied and adjusted through my own preferences that just added to my love for technicals.  While I like to include fundamentals as a supporting factor to technicals, it never made sense to me that if a stock had great fundamentals yet it kept trading down then why would it be a buy.  Needless to say I like to incorporate many factors in a trade longer than a swing.

When I was starting to share charts and look at charts from others I was attracted to @chartly.  This would later become a part of StockTwits, the trending curated site for market information.  I do respect what they’re doing as Twitter can be classified as the new yahaoo message boards for pump and dump stocks (depending on who you follow).

Now as a trader that prefers to have the TweetDeck always up, quick reference is important.  One thing that bothers me about the chartly function through StockTwits is that you had to click on the link for a picture of the stock.  It did not show a picture preview through TweetDeck as shown in the example shown below:


With that, I started to use the TweetDeck picture attachment function through Twitpic.  I liked when other traders used this or other photo sharing services as it provided a quick chart reference in TweetDeck as shown below:


With this I can get an idea of the chart I am looking and see somewhat of a picture.  If interested I can then click on the picture to see an enlarged frame.

The one thing I found missing using TwitPic was the sense of connection with other market/chart enthusiasts. I was not able to connect charts with those that did not follow me, much like what the chartly function allowed.  But like I said I did not like the fact that there was not that quick-reference function as just shown.  Through some reading of the @RaginCajun blog , his challenge of the #stockoftheyear2013,  and following his Twitter account, I discovered the chartpin site.

Upon further examination I discovered this site to be a go-to site for things I was looking for.  It is a site where you can post your chart and see the views, likes, & comments of other traders.  Also it has the functionality of the quick preview that I was looking for which you can see that through the previous image from RC.  If you click on the image it will enlarge or you can click on the link to see others comments as well.

Needless to say I am liking this application for chart sharing.  While I do have some likes I also have some suggestions.  Upon looking into chartpin, I find the information too obscure as there is no “about” or anything else on the site.  I do see an angel list upon doing a Google search but it is still  hard to find information about it.  Either way I still like what they are doing, understand that it is just starting up, but would like to create awareness and maybe some suggestions in features I and others may like.  I encourage you to check out this site and if you have any other information that I may not know please let me know as I like to what they are providing.

**Please note I do not receive gratuities or compensation from the chartpin site or affiliates but am a mere recent user of their product

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