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February 13, 2013 / redman59

Was Last Night A Catalyst For These Stocks

Going through the news today I read that President Obama signed a cybersecurity executive order, which was also mentioned in last nights State of the Union speech.  You can read more from SlashGear but it will consist of:

“The executive order will lead to the creation of a group led by the feds to work with private companies in the creation and implementation of voluntary standards. This follows an attempted cybersecurity bill that was put forth last year and that ultimately died in August. The Obama administration stated that this executive order is only the beginning, and that it would continue to push for an approved cybersecurity bill.”

During the speech he mentioned the continuous and rapidly growing cyberattacks from foreign nations and companies trying to dismantle and disrupt our security and economy.  Reading this had me think of some cybersecurity  stocks which as an industry really haven’t performed this year and this news bit may be a small catalyst to jump start some performance.  For this I went to The PPT and did a Company Search with the keywords “cyber security” and “cybersecurity” and came up with the following 15 results (sorted by market cap):


Below I have imported these to FinViz so that you can also get a view of the charts and click here to sort to your liking:


Also I did not read through all these company descriptions but from a glance I can see that most of them pertain to cybersecurity.  I can also see ESI (an educator) in there which probably got flagged due to its cybersecurity programs.  As always make sure you do your own verification.

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