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February 26, 2013 / redman59

I’d Rather Poison Myself Than Have A Wet Grill

No market comments here just a story for the day.  After the market close I drove around town(s) collecting some goods for the week.  This is when I thought “damn some bratwursted sausages sound good.”  So I purchased them from the store and then got home and fired up the Weber charcoal grill, no gas grills at my place.

The problem with the weather here in PA today was that it was mid to high 30’s during the day and raining/sleeting.  Miserable weather but I had to have the grilled bratwursts.  So I grilled at the edge of the opened garage door as I often do when weather messes up my grilling efforts.  I ate the delicious grilled bratwursts and then later in the night proceeded to the garage where it was time for the weight portion of the workout followed by the pushups-situps-pullups routine.

I didn’t want to leave the garage door open for reasons of the weather and I don’t like people looking in my garage while I workout as this in the past has attracted beautiful women that disrupt my routine.  So I had to make a decision: put my grill out in the rain or bring my grill inside not thinking the burning coal would do much harm as the coals were dying down.  I chose to bring the grill inside.

Throughout the workout I was feeling slightly light-headed but not a crazy unusual occurrence and I was also having a harder time focusing and was more short of breath than usual.  I attributed this to a late night of research and an early wake coupled with current exercise.  Meanwhile I didn’t really acknowledge the fact that I brought the grill in and this was emitting carbon monoxide.

After completion, about 40 minutes, I went in the house and I was dizzy, light-headed, and exhausted.  This is when it occurred to me that the damn grill was slowly poisoning me and I probably was in a deadly toxic environment while pushing my body to exhaustion.  So in the process I probably lost some brain cells but in the end it was a good workout and I really enjoyed those bratwursted sausages on a grill that continues to remain rust free.

*I will attribute any future stupid trade decisions to this incident and loss of those brain cells.

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