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Name: Randy RedmanIMAG0083
Twitter/Stocktwits: @redman59
Location: Small town near Gettysburg, PA
Family: 1 son, Grady (born March 2003)

Grew up in a small town near Rochester, MN. I enjoyed and still enjoy the outdoors to include fishing, hunting, and trapping (although haven’t done this one lately). I enlisted in the Marines out of high school and served for 4 years in Security Forces and Infantry, with one deployment to Afghanistan. After that was employed in the Law Enforcement field and remain in that field today. In 2007 I developed an interest in the stock market and learned right away about options.

Colorado Technical University, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude

Stock Market Education:
I have no degrees or collegiate education in the markets and have not worked for any market-related firms.  My education comes from books, magazines, and online education through traders and their websites to include coaching, educational services, and live trading chat rooms.

– Lived in the following states (in order): MN, CA, VA, NC, SC, PA

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