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July 22, 2012 / redman59

Checking Out

With the summer comes vacation that many take and the argument for low volume that accompanies the choppy market conditions of the summer season. As for me I will be taking my annual trip back to where I grew up in Minnesota. It’s a 10 day vacation where I will be visiting my family in my home town in southern Minnesota and will then take the majority of the time in northern Minnesota to my dad’s house. The time up there is where I get a majority of my lake fishing in as here in Pennsylvania it consists mainly of rivers and reservoirs.

I like to desribe my old man’s place as my ideal retirement type place. It’s secluded with many lakes within an hour drive and also some of those “secret” lakes known only to locals, plat books, & Google Maps. This may be the ideal time given current market conditions. One problem, if you want to call it that, is the lack of service through phone or Internet. It’s what one might call “in the boonies” so being updated with what is going on in the market is a barrier. But that can not always be a bad thing either as the peacefulness makes up for it. My biggest battle will be with mosquitoes and hopefully the big ass fish on the other end of my line. Good luck these weeks and trade well.

I leave Monday with the following positions on:

Cash – 86.3%
Long – 13
.7% (PPO 8.8%, DO 4.9%) (added to PPO position on Friday)
Short – 0.0% (exited PXD puts Friday)

Some pictures below:

1) House with pond, a “hidden” lake is behind the house


2) Me and my son going to hit some trails


3) My son trying to get those bass out of the lillies


I leave you with song from Rancid:

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